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The solutions your health system needs to acquire, engage, and retain healthcare consumers using intuitive mobile-first technologies. 

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Solution Portfolio

Campaigns & Newsletter

Turn online engagement into real world appointments.

Kiosk Registration & Check-in

A customized approach to patient intake.

Search & Find a Provider

Turn your web & mobile traffic into real, tailored appointments.

Reminders & Notifications

Personalized patient notificationsproven to reduce no-shows.

Telehealth & Tele-visits

Adding a telemedicine solution has never been easier.

Virtual Health Record

A patient portal that patients actually want to use.

Prescription Refills

Automation to enable your patient to tap, tap, refill.

Messaging & Chatbots

Making the complex simple through smarter 24/7 access.


Filter out the noise with authentic, positive reviews.

Event Registration

Automate your events and seminars.


Make Collection a Breeze with Text Message Billing

Mobile Apps

Expand your digital presence to mobile, meaningfully.

Bring Your Challenges

A comprehenive approach to patient engagement

MedeVantage’s solutions use rich insights gathered from patient data and provider availability to enable real-time interpersonal interaction via web, chat, email, video and chatbot. This enables superior customer experiences that lead to loyalty, recurring utilization of the clinical services, appointments and ultimately overall greater satisfaction.

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